The Adviser's Guide to Healthcare Volumes 1-3

The Adviser's Guide to HealthcareIn a radically changing healthcare environment, the tools you need to navigate consulting practices can be found in this Guide.

The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare is a comprehensive resource and reference guide for professionals seeking a working knowledge of the factors involved in consulting with and valuing healthcare practices. Developed by one of the foremost consultants in the healthcare industry, Robert James Cimasi, the Guide is founded on his seasoned knowledge and industry experience. This 18-chapter, three book set is built around a new taxonomy framework for approaching economic value for the healthcare industry—the four pillars of reimbursement, regulation, competition, and technology.  The four pillars framework is carried throughout each of the three books that comprise this set:

•   An Era of Reform: Provides in-depth discussions of the four pillars and the landmark legislation that has contributed to the current healthcare environment.

•   Professional Practices: Introduces different models of emerging healthcare practices and details industry sub-specialties in terms of the four pillars framework.

•   Consulting with Professional Practices: Covers consulting related to healthcare practices and practice valuation strategies.

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Reader tools throughout the Guide help you reference and retain complex information. These tools include:

  • Sidebars. Key terms, key concepts, key sources, associations, and factoids all serve to enhance and reinforce the core takeaways from each chapter.
  • Tables. Tables are used to display and reference benchmark data, draw comparisons, and illustrate industry data trends.
  • Figures. Graphical depictions of concepts help you comprehend the material. 
  • CD-ROM. The electronic version includes tables of contents, chapter outlines, full-spread taxonomy reference tables, and a comprehensive database of referenced material to help you find and research the sources of content you are looking for. (Available only with the Bundle)
  • Taxonomy Comparison Chart. A fold out taxonomy comparison chart allows you to easily reference standard industry taxonomies alongside the four pillars framework. (Available only with the Bundle)

Keep up with the changing face of healthcare services and consulting practices with The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare!

Volume I: An Era of Reform - Table of Contents

Volume II: Professional Practices - Table of Contents

Volume III: Consulting with Professional Practices - Table of Contents


Reviews from the experts

“Healthcare continues to be an important component of our local economy, and new clients from the health care field represent an area of growth in our client base.  The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare by Robert Cimasi is a comprehensive resource tool which will aid in the expansion of our services to this growing segment of our practice.”  

  • Ygnacio D. Garza CPA, CVA, Long Chilton LLP

“The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare” is an amazing combination of highly technical reference materials and down-to-earth, practical guidance. This Guide is a “must read” for new entrants into the field of healthcare advisory services, as well as a one-stop reference tool for experienced advisors.”

  • Barbara J. Grant, Principal at GatesMoore.

“Anyone who has clients in the healthcare industry knows the opportunities and challenges these clients face are unique to say the least.  Knowing and working with Bob for years on substantial healthcare projects, there is no doubt that this book will be an invaluable resource to healthcare advisers at all levels.  The breadth of topics covered and his willingness to share his expertise are the perfect makings of a valuable, insightful read that will likely pay dividends for readers and their clients.”

  • Keith Kamperschroer, Managing Director of Healthcare Services at Kolb Co. 

“Valuing any healthcare facility has always been a complex process for valuators, given the duel nature of the healthcare industry providers and business.  However, valuators and consultants to the healthcare industry will now have a complete and through resource that provides and tracks this industry from yesterday through tomorrow.  It … provides the necessary data to get the job done properly. This is another job well done by Bob Cimasi”. 

  • Ciro V. Cuono, Director of Business Valuation and Litigation Support Services at Graf Repetti & Co. 

“Bob is a consummate professional.  His knowledge and insights in the healthcare area are invaluable to practitioners.  He and his organization, Health Capital Consultants (HCC) are a top-notch resource”

  • Larry Weber, Managing Director, UHY Advisors, Inc.