Consulting Services for Emerging Healthcare OrganizationsIn this invaluable volume, Cimasi presents the essential information, analysis and tools which are needed to understand and manage a full range of modern healthcare organizations which arose in the late 1990's.

•   A detailed presentation of the purpose, structure and function of each Emerging Healthcare Organizations (EHOs) model

•   The latest information on financial, accounting, legal and organizational aspects of EHOs

•   Precise analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of each EHO model as well as its suitability for different physicians groups and healthcare markets

•   In-depth descriptions of each model specific consulting needs, including start-up consulting, recruiting and affiliation programs, and management and operational reviews

Cimasi gives readers an eye-opening account of the markets forces in the healthcare industry that led to the consolidation and integration of providers. His historical analysis illuminates not only the current conditions, but also suggests future developments.

For those who want to extend their understanding of the healthcare industry of the late 1990's "A Guide to Consulting Services for Emerging Healthcare Organizations" offers a rich, comprehensive and authoritative resource. As Emerging Healthcare Organizations (EHOs) rapidly replace traditional ways of delivering healthcare, accountants and other consultants to healthcare providers will face greater demands and potentially reap greater rewards that ever before. In A Guide to Consulting Services for Emerging Healthcare Organizations, healthcare consulting expert Robert James Cimasi offers a comprehensive and authoritative guided to the full spectrum of these EHOs and thee opportunities they offer consultants and their clients who need to understand them and their unique requirements.