The Adviser's Guide to Healthcare 2nd Edition

The Advisers Guide 2nd Edition

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of “The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare” (AICPA; November 2015; Hardcover and PDF; $249.00 for non-AICPA members, $199.00 for AICPA members; ISBN: 978-1-94354-614-5, 978-1-94354-616-9). This two-volume, 1,300 page text, with a Foreword by noted healthcare attorney David W. Grauer, Esq. of Jones Day, contains the tools needed to successfully navigate a rapidly changing healthcare delivery environment. 

Developed by two of the foremost consultants in the healthcare industry, Bob Cimasi and Todd Zigrang, this Guide is a comprehensive resource and reference guide for professionals seeking a working knowledge of the myriad factors involved in valuing and consulting with healthcare practices. This authoritative work is built around a novel taxonomy framework for approaching economic value for the healthcare industry—the “Four Pillars” of healthcare, i.e., reimbursement, regulation, competition, and technology. The Four Pillars framework is analyzed throughout each of the two volumes that comprise this book:

 Volume I, An Era of Reform—The Four Pillars: Provides in-depth discussions of the reimbursement environment, the regulatory environment, the impact of competitive forces, and technology advancements, as well as an entire chapter devoted to providing a thorough description of the changing paradigm of the U.S. healthcare system in the wake of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare), and its applicability to healthcare transactions.

Volume II, Consulting Services: Introduces different models of emerging healthcare organizations (EHOs), details industry subspecialties in terms of the Four Pillars framework, and addresses issues related to consulting services for healthcare practices, including valuation services for various healthcare enterprises, assets, and services.

Practical tools throughout the Guide aid readers in referencing and retaining complex information. These features include:

  • Sidebars: Key terms, key concepts, key sources, associations, and factoids all serve to enhance and reinforce the core takeaways from each chapter;
  • Tables: Tables are used to display and reference benchmark data, draw comparisons, and illustrate industry data trends; and,
  • Figures: Graphical depictions of concepts help you comprehend the material.

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An authoritative work, The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare, Second Edition helps consultants build and maintain a thorough understanding of the changing face of healthcare services and consulting practices in a continually evolving, and increasingly complex, healthcare delivery system.